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Friday, 31 August 2012

What did Paul pray for? (Eph. 1:18)

Paul prayed for divine help that we might know God increasingly. What does that mean? Here are four aspects of it. 

First, knowledge of God is the height of Christian experience, for Jesus tells us in his prayer in John 17 that such knowledge is the essence of eternal life. 

Second, knowledge of God is personal in that it is a relationship. Paul is not referring to bare intellectual knowledge but to the kind of knowledge that exists between two or more persons. 

Third, knowledge of God is progressive. We begin with little knowledge but then we increase in our understanding and in our experience of God. 

Fourth, knowledge of God is provided by the Holy Spirit. Paul prays that the Spirit would give wisdom and revelation to God’s people in Ephesus.

So Paul is praying that believers would know God in a continuously intimate, forward-looking and life-changing manner.

Paul reminds us that this knowledge of God is not confined to those with an outstanding intellect who are equipped to grasp profound realities. Rather this knowledge is found among those who pray continually for God to enlighten them in his purpose for them, his passion to them, and his power in them.

This knowledge of God will not only equip us for life’s hurdles, but will compensate for all the troubles that come our way.

The question is not do we pray, but what do we pray for?

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