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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Praise of the Father (Eph. 3:21)

Having reminded the believers of God’s power to answer prayer, Paul responds to the God whom he has described. He is the God who deserves glory.

First, praise of the Father will be an eternal reality. Paul says here that the praise will last throughout the ages of the ages. That is one way of describing eternity. This will be our activity throughout the ages, to praise our wonderful Father for his grace and mercy.

Second, praise of the Father is a church responsibility. God is to be glorified by all his creatures for his work as Creator. This level of glorification ascends from the lower creatures up to the angelic host. But that is not the highest way in which he can be praised. The heights of praise are reached when we praise God for his saving grace. We do that now along with the believers whom God in his providence has arranged for us to live with. This is our highest calling, to meet together to praise the almighty Father for all that he is and for all that he has done. But the day is coming when we shall gather with the church universal in the presence of God, a number that no man can number, drawn from all the centuries and from all races, and praise him for his greatness and his grace.

Third, praise of the Father is Jesus’ role for ever. The church will glorify God by Christ Jesus. All Christians are united to Jesus in a living fellowship and communion. Through the grace mediated to them by him they explore the riches of God’s inheritance; now they receive foretastes, but in heaven they will receive its fullness. But it is not only by Christ that they will praise the Father, for they will also do it with Christ. He is the leader of the choir of the redeemed, both today and for ever. He declares to us the name of the Father as he sings in the great congregation (Ps. 22:22). With Jesus, we shall glorify the Father for ever.

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