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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Walking in love, like Jesus (5:1-2)

Paul calls Christians to imitate God as dear children. How do we do this? Thankfully, we have the perfect example, God's Son, who walked in love in order to rescue us from our sins. What was his walk of love like and where did it take him?

The love of Jesus for us was an active love. It was active in his determination to seek out sinners, for example, the woman of Samaria or the impotent man lying at the pool of Bethesda. Jesus sought Philip and drew him to himself and taught him patiently to become his follower. Jesus also displayed his love in his many acts of kindness and in the miracles that he performed. There are numerous other examples in the Gospels. And we also know many whom Jesus has sought out in his love for them. They are with us in church each Sunday.

The love of Jesus for us took him to the cross, a place of great agony for him. There was physical agony as every nerve suffered increasing pain; there was spiritual agony as he endured the sense of loss of God’s gracious presence and entered the darkness of abandonment. He did it all because he loved sinners. There on the cross he was a substitute for sinners, paying a debt that they owed but could not pay. He endured the Father’s wrath against sin because he loved sinners.

Paul tells us in our text that the offering of Jesus pleased his Father. Although others despised it, the Father regarded it very highly, and still does. Although our actions of love are very small in comparison with what Jesus did, we also can know the Father's appreciation of what we do as long as we walk in love for God and one another. 

We should ask ourselves, 'Am I walking in love at this moment? Is what I am doing at this moment done out of love to God and to others? Is that why I pray? Is that why I read the Bible? Is that why I go to church? Am I active in love, willing to endure the pain that love may bring because of my actions?

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