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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Jesus’ intense emotional life (13:21)

Jesus did not go through this difficult circumstance concerning his betrayal in a stoical attitude. Each step of his journey to the cross was a painful experience emotionally. He felt deeply the betrayal of a man to whom he had shown great friendship. This is a reminder of the reality of his humanity.

Jesus’ emotional response is also a reminder of the purity of his humanity. Jesus’ holy soul would be abhorred by the willingness of Judas to commit sin for financial gain. Judas knew that his action was a breaking of the sixth commandment; it was a failure to love his neighbour as himself. Jesus would have detested such an attitude.

And the incident is also a reminder of the perfection of his humanity. Jesus always responded to every situation in an appropriate way. He never over-reacted. If it was appropriate to show emotion, then Jesus showed it, as he did when Judas went away to betray him.  

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