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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

In what situations will we need this ministry of the Spirit? (14:25-26)

The classrooms mentioned in the previous reading are general pictures of the way and locations where the Spirit takes the teaching of Jesus and applies it to us. We can be more specific about these places.

One such location is the place of affliction. Every pupil in the Spirit’s class undergoes these times of trouble. Things go wrong and they discover that they need comfort to help through these hard times. When they occur, the Spirit takes suitable passages from the Bible and speaks them into their souls. Linked to the times of affliction are times of anxiety. In such times, the Spirit instructs them to fear not.

Another location where we need the Spirit’s help is times of ambivalence when our spiritual perception is sluggish and our involvement in spiritual activities becomes lethargic. We need a spiritual tonic to revive our flagging souls and stimulate our participation in Christian things. Our heavenly Teacher knows which scriptures to use in order to revive us again.

A third location of the Spirit’s teaching is the place of ambition, where the pupils may be developing an interest in the wrong subjects. Just as a pupil may begin preparing for an unsuitable career, so a Christian can develop an interest in inappropriate positions. He may begin to live for this world and forget about storing up treasures in heaven. So the Spirit draws near and reminds the believer of what should be his proper ambitions.

There is a fourth location where the Spirit loves to teach and that is the places where his pupils show great ardour for their Master, Jesus Christ. In this situation, the Holy Spirit will strengthen his disciples so they can learn more about Jesus and experience more of his love.

We mentioned in a previous reading that the Spirit teaches successfully, with no failures. He also strengthens those he teaches so that they will be able to learn more and more. Along with these, his teaching is marked by a sweetness that makes it very enjoyable, and learning becomes a delight.

So what are the evidences of a good pupil? Here are three. The first is that his pupils can have a heavenly understanding at any given time through the ability of their Teacher. 

The second is that they develop humility as they increase in learning, not only because of the little they know but also because of the greatness of their Teacher and the grandeur of the subjects they have been instructed in. 

The third feature is that they look forward to his continued instruction in the world to come. If this life can be likened to teaching in a secondary school, then heaven is like the instructions in a university. There are significant aspects of these great subjects which they cannot appreciate in this life. But they will in the next!

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