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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Rise, let us go from here (John 14:31)

Maybe the reason they had to leave the Upper Room was because they could only have it for a certain time. We are not told the terms of the agreement made between the disciples and the owner of the house.  The disciples were told by Jesus to arrange for a place where they could keep the Passover, and the owner had agreed to the request. Honesty would require them to leave the room at the agreed time. If that was the reason, then Jesus here is giving an example to his followers that they should not presume on the goodwill of others.

It had been the custom of Jesus and his disciples to pass the night in the Garden of Gethsemane. No doubt the disciples would assume that they were going there to pray as on former occasions. Did they notice the sense of urgency in this instruction by their Master? Surely they observed that he was on a mission. Probably not. They did not understand what he had been teaching them about the looming burden of the cross.

Perhaps the disciples had assumed that Jesus would have spent longer in the comfortable setting of the Upper Room in order to explain to them in a fuller way what he had been teaching them. If that was the case, then they discovered that he wanted to teach them somewhere else. And is that not a picture of how Jesus deals with us? We cannot remain in the same place in a spiritual sense.

Of course, it is important to note that Jesus included them and him in the exhortation. Wherever they would be going, they would not be going without him. He says to us, ‘Let us move on to new spiritual experiences.’ While we cannot have the experiences that the first disciples had, and while we will not see our Saviour in distress as they did, we should always be ready to move on with him. 

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