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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The God of special love (Malachi:1-5)

Many find fault with the doctrine of election, but what they cannot deny is that it is found in the Bible, as here when God says that he loved Jacob and hated Esau. True, the doctrine can be handled wrongfully, and in such a way great damage can be done. This doctrine is revealed in order to stimulate our worship of God and to provide spiritual comfort for us. It is a matter of great adoration that God makes loving choices.

This eternal choice of God has many aspects to it. First, it is unconditional (God did not consult with others whom he should choose); second, it is unchanging (God will not reject those whom he has chosen); and third, it is undeserved (the objects of his choice had no merit).  

Yet we are to remember that it is not the only kind of love that God has. In addition to this expression of love, there are also other manifestations of his love. For example, there is the universal love that he bears to all people in a general sense. It is wrong to assume that because electing love is true, God does not have a genuine love for the world. The fact that we cannot reconcile them does not mean that they do not exist. 

Further, election is not a barrier to conversion. Some people deduce from election that it is possible to want to be converted but God will refuse that desire. That is nonsense. Election is a secret, and no-one knows that they are among the elect until they believe in Jesus. If a person wants to be saved, he or she should ask Jesus to save them, and he will.

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