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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Know Yourself (Hab. 1:2-4)

Part of Habakkuk's complaint here is that he has to observe sins committed by the professing people of God. We may see the same around us as well. Yet the other side to this spiritual coin is that we should also be conscious of our own sins, whether other people can see them or not.

Why does God at times let his people see personal sins in themselves? One answer is to remind them that they are saved sinners; another is to lead them to deeper dependence on God and such dependence is usually seen in urgent prayers; a third answer is to show them reasons why they should be very careful about tolerating sin; a fourth answer is to cause them to value their salvation more and more, and a true sight of personal sin brings that about.

And we can see sin other people as well. Why are we allowed to see their sins? One answer is to be appalled by sin, another answer is to pray for them, and a third answer is to bring the gospel to them.

As we look at Habakkuk’s short but earnest complaint, three details stand out. First, he is very frank with his words and expresses his complaint clearly and straightforwardly. There would be no point in being otherwise because the Lord knew the prophet’s concerns already. 

The second detail is that Habakkuk’s feelings were involved. We can see that was the case from his questions. He was not stoical about the situation. 

The third detail is that his complaint is an expression of faith. He articulated his words because he knew that the Lord could answer the questions. Where else can we go when things seem to go wrong?

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