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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Divine Recovery (Joel 2:18-27)

In the previous verses, the prophet had urged the leaders of Israel and the people in general to meet in a national gathering in order to repent publicly together and to pray together for the Lord’s blessing. When they did this, the Lord heard them and indicated with delight that he would bless them.

His blessing would include ample harvests and complete deliverance from the enemy that threatened them. The recovery of the land would be very great and even the animals would share in the provision. Not surprisingly, the people of God are commanded to rejoice (vv. 18-24).

In verse 25, there is a wonderful promise of spiritual recovery for those who have repented of their sins and returned to the Lord. They could have assumed that the years of decline and of experienced judgement by the locusts could not be recovered. Yet here the Lord promises something different and says that they will be recovered. Perhaps the idea is that the new harvests are so great that they now comprise what the people would have received had they remained loyal to God throughout those wasted years.

The outcome of such great restoration is satisfaction in the present and assurance for the future (v. 26). They will enjoy an increased knowledge of God (v. 27). We must remember that this is what is promised to recovered backsliders. It shows us the greatness of God’s restoring grace. 

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