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Friday, 7 June 2013

The King Regathers His People (Micah 4:6-8)

In the previous verses in Micah 4, the prophet had described the coming of the kingdom of the Messiah. The prediction extended far beyond a mere geographical return of the Jews to their own land after the exile in Babylon. What would it be like to experience the life of this kingdom? Micah gives some details in verses 6-8.

The subjects of the kingdom will be those whom the Lord afflicted for their sins (v. 6). This cannot refer to the actual individuals who were exiled from Judah because most of them died in Babylon. Instead they illustrate the type of person who will belong to the kingdom of Jesus when he would set up his kingdom.

When the Lord finds them, they cannot walk because they are lame and in need of power. Their sins have separated them from their God. Yet although they were so weak, the Lord is able to make them into a strong nation possessed of his power. They will have this power because he reigns over them forever. This is a wonderful description of the Christian church in which its members are powerless but their King is powerful (v. 7).

Although they had known defeat, they would yet experience a King in their midst (v. 8). This does not happen in the earthly Jerusalem, but it is now occurring in the heavenly city.

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