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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Think of God in Difficult Times (Micah 7)

In the final message of his book Micah lamented the state of things around him. True believers had declined in number. Violence and other sins by the rulers were common practices. People could not even trust other members of their family because severe judgement was coming. What could Micah do? He determined to wait optimistically on the Lord (vv. 1-7).

In verses 8-11, the prophet speaks as a representative of the righteous remnant who would suffer along with the rest of the nation. Such identify themselves with the sin of the people, confess that the judgment is deserved, but also anticipate a time when the Lord would vindicate their hope.

So in verses 11-13, he describes what would happen when vindication came. It would be time for rebuilding an extended kingdom because of the population explosion they would experience. Those who had once been their enemies would join them. That is the positive aspect of the vindication of the prophet’s message. The negative aspect is stated in verse 13 – there would be worldwide judgement at some stage.

Thinking about this causes the prophet to pray for divine recovery. He speaks to God as a shepherd and reminds him that his flock is now very small. The only way for them to recover would be for God to repeat the amazing wonders he had performed at the Exodus. If he were to do so, then the nations would turn to God and begin to serve him (vv. 14-17).

The certainty of this prospect fills the prophet’s heart and mouth with praise. In verses 18-20, he describes the Lord in a beautiful way, highlighting his pardon, patience, pity and promises. God will come as a conqueror to destroy our sins and to throw them where they cannot be found. The last word from Micah is that we should worship the God of grace and mercy!

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