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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Remaining faithful (Genesis 40)

Joseph was to be in prison for several years until God's time for deliverance came. Although Joseph may not have realised it at the time, the imprisonment of the two Egyptian officers was part of the process whereby he would be exalted. God had never taken his eye of Joseph and was working all things for his good.

There are three lessons from the life of Joseph in this chapter. The first is that he continued to exercise the gift that God had given him, which was to interpret dreams. He did not see his circumstances as a reason not to do so. And we are told that he wanted to use his gift because he saw that the two officers were troubled. So, despite his own difficulties, Joseph was marked by compassion for others.

The second lesson is that Joseph was faithful to the message God gave him. He gave the good news to the cupbearer and the bad news to the baker. It would have been easy for him to tone down the message for the latter. Yet Joseph realised that faithfulness to God required him to say the truth at all times.

The third lesson is that Joseph remained faithful to God even although the one he helped forgot about him. No doubt, Joseph was disappointed. Yet neither the difficulties of his circumstances  nor the failings of others caused Joseph to give up his faithfulness to God.

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