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Monday, 2 September 2013

Joseph enacts God's will (Genesis 41:37-57)

A change of circumstances can sometimes cause Christians to reduce their commitment to obeying God's will. They put the demands of their new situations before the requirements that Jesus clearly makes of them. This happens occasionally in circumstances in which they are given more responsibilities in their careers as they climb the ladder of promotion and success. Of course, many Christians retain their devotion to Jesus no matter how high they go.

If there ever was a believer whom one might suspect would find new responsibilities very demanding on his time it was Joseph. Overnight he had been moved from prison to the position of second in command in the country. He now had great political and military power. So what did he do with it? He used this power to respond exactly to what God had revealed about the years of plenty and the years of harvest. His heart and mind remained submissive to the revealed will of God.

Joseph also found himself in an arranged marriage imposed by Pharaoh and the religious hierarchy. There must have been pressures there for him to adjust his commitment to God (such as in him receiving a new name from Pharaoh and from his wife's religious connections). Yet we can see from the names that Joseph gave his children that he remained conscious of God's providential control of his life. The names that he gave them indicate that his faith ruled in his home. 

Joseph did not let his past experiences hinder him in the present (as can be deduced from the meaning of the name Manasseh). Instead he saw them as part of God's preparation of him for his role. Nor did he assume that his living in a pagan environment would prevent him experiencing God's ongoing blessing (as can be deduced from the meaning of the name Ephraim).

How was Joseph able to do this? The answer is very simple - he consistently put God first in his life.

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