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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Completed Sanctification (Philippians 1:6)

This is the goal of the good work that God has begun in each of his people. It will be completed at the second coming of Christ. For those believers who are alive when he comes, their spirits and bodies will experience this state of perfection at the same time. Believers who have died in Christ will experience it in two stages: their souls become perfect in holiness when they die and their bodies will experience it at the resurrection.

This state of completed sanctification has other names. It will be complete conformity of mind, heart and will to the image of Christ. Or it will be the experience of glorification, an elevated state of existence regarding status and experience as we share the inheritance of Jesus with him forever. It will be the permanent absence of anything that can hinder our development in the kind provisions and intimate knowledge of Jesus throughout eternity.

Paul tells us that this completion will happen on the ‘day of Jesus Christ’. Although it will be a great day for his people, it will be ‘his’ day. This will be the occasion when he will raise humans from the dead, when he will judge the created order of angels and humans, and when he will bring into existence the new heavens and new earth. It will be a day of great wonders, and one of these wonder will be our appearance with him in a state of perfection.

It will also be a day of worship. On that day, we shall with true understanding, great delight, and anticipated service declare that Jesus Christ is Lord. He will be the focus of praise, and whatever rewarded achievements we did for him in this life, we will cast our crowns at his feet, gladly confessing the supremacy of Jesus.

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