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Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Beautiful Name of God (1 Peter 5:10)

Peter here describes the Lord as ‘the God of all grace’. Here are six aspects of divine grace in the lives of believers.  

The first detail is that God is the only source of grace; if he has all of it, then it can be nowhere else.  

The description all tells us that he is the God of sufficient grace. Paul was told by the Lord that his grace was sufficient for the thorn in the flesh that troubled the apostle. Here Peter tells his concerned readers that their God has sufficient grace for them.  

A third detail that can be deduced from the description is that he is the God of suitable grace. Since he possesses all grace and has the wisdom to know when and how to give it, his people can be confident that it will always be apposite.  

Fourth, his grace will be superabundant at all times; there will never be a situation in which his people will have to wonder if the supply has diminished.  

Fifth, God’s grace will be sanctifying grace; he will work to make all of them Christlike in character.  

A sixth feature of his grace, especially for his people in times of trouble, is its sweetness; it will have this aspect whenever they are led to think about their Saviour and what he has done for them. 

What is grace? It is undeserved divine favour appropriately supplied in a personal way by God. It is undeserved because we are sinners, and we should never forget that reality. When we forget that this is the case, then we begin to imagine that somehow or other we deserve something. Further, grace is unlimited in its provision. Think of what God does for sinners: he brings them to faith, he adopts them into his family, he provides for their spiritual requirements, he answers their prayers, he fulfils his promises, he prepares them for glory, and he restores them when they fall. All this, and much more, comes under the meaning of grace.

Grace is the environment in which we must live. The church is a community that reveals the grace of God. It is seen when we forgive one another, pray for one another, study the Bible with one another, build up one another, and look forward to meeting with one another. One way of understanding grace in action is to meditate on the various ways Paul uses the phrase ‘one another’.  

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