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Friday, 6 June 2014

Called to glory (1 Peter 5:10)

Peter mentions that God ‘has called’ us ‘to his eternal glory in Christ’. As we break down this clause, we can see several important treasures connected to the fact that God called us.

When did he call us? He did so through the preaching of the gospel. It was a call of love, one which was the outflow of his eternal choice of his people before the universe began. Why did he call us? He called us because he wanted us to experience his eternal glory in various ways, or as our catechism says, ‘to enjoy him for ever.’ We should note that it is his eternal glory that we will experience. Obviously, we will have personal glory, but it is what comes from him that we will enjoy and what we will provide. I would suggest that this includes both communion with God and provisions from God. They will occur simultaneously and endlessly, increasingly and satisfyingly, and we will always be lovingly and thankfully conscious that it all comes from our gracious God.  

This calling, in its inception and in its accomplishment, is all connected to Jesus Christ. Wherever we look in the divine plan, Jesus is central. In each stage we are united to him. It began in eternity when we were chosen in him; we were united to him when he died for our sins on the cross and when he rose from the dead; we are united to him through the work of the Spirit even although he is in heaven and we are on earth, and we will be united to him for ever. Here we are reminded that the way to live the Christian life is by being Christ-centred. 

The apostle is telling the believers to think about future compensation. It is important to remember that the Lord is the God of future grace as well as the God of past and present grace. And this future grace is not confined to after this life, as Peter proceeds to show. 

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