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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Delighting in Keeping all of God's Commandments (Psalm 119:121-128)

The psalmist begins by reminding God of his lifestyle: ‘I have done what is just and right’ (v. 121). We may be surprised that he uses his behaviour as an argument in prayer. Yet we must note that his lifestyle was a result of God’s grace, and it is appropriate to use God’s workings in our lives as reasons for him to help us.
Because he was facing strong opposition, the psalmist wanted a sign of God’s favour. The sign would be the removal of those who opposed him (vv. 121-22).  Such deliverance would obviously be visible, as would other aspects of the fulfilment of God’s promises (v. 123). When we pray, we should want to see the answers.
It is obvious that the psalmist appreciated the covenant relationship he had with God. He realised that he was God’s servant who continually needed divine instruction (vv. 124-25). God has promised to instruct those who are willing to be taught. It is an aspect of the new covenant that the Lord will teach all of his people (Heb. 8:10). When a person does not want to be taught by God, it is usually a sign that he or she would like to disobey one of God’s commandments.
The psalmist lived in an ungodly time when God’s law was ignored (v. 126). Such a situation did not make him less diligent. Instead he valued God’s law as more important than riches (fine gold) and wanted to obey it (v. 127). A person who esteems God’s commandments will hate every false way (v. 128). Today the fourth and seventh commandments are under attack, but the person who loves God will not disobey his law no matter what the majority might think. He will show his love by keeping all God’s precepts, even the ones that society in particular objects to. And he will show his love for God’s commandments by weeping in his presence over those who disobey it.

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