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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Colossians 1:9-10 - What to pray for other Christians

One of the desires in the hearts of all Christians is the wish to please Jesus. But how can they do so? This concern is the heart of Pauls petition in these verses and in detailing his petitions he also informs us of the process by which we can have a way of living that fully pleases Jesus.
Often we are asked to pray for others or we sense a burden from God to pray for them. Sometimes we focus our prayers on certain details connected to a person or project and then anticipate seeing an answer at some stage. Obviously such concerns are always appropriate. Yet Paul here indicates that when we intercede for others, our desire should be that we want them to please Jesus.
Paul had little idea about the current concerns of the people in Colosse how could he, given that they were hundreds of miles away? Yet this request, connected to pleasing Jesus, was always relevant. In whatever state each of them was in, it was appropriate for Paul to pray that they would please the Saviour.

Not only is such a petition relevant, it is also an expression of brotherly love. Remember Paul had never met most of the Christians in Colosse. Yet there burned in his heart a longing that they would live in such a way that would please their common Lord. And his desire in this regard was pleasing to Jesus.

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