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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Psalm 139:13-18 - The God who made me

David now turns in this psalm to think about what God did for him before he was born. He thinks about how he was put together in his mother’s womb. No one could see what God was doing for him then. In a real sense, there was only him and God, and it was obvious that David at that time was not contributing anything to the process.

As David thinks about what happened to him during those nine months, he realises that the involvement of God was hands-on, as it were. God joined together all David’s bodily parts and formed also the other aspects that would appear in his personality. We can imagine David scanning himself and saying, ‘God did all this.’ And we should do the same. There are different ways of looking at ourselves, and one of them should be that each of us is what God wanted us to be, apart from our sins and its effects. The reason why I don’t have the brains of Einstein is because God thought that I should be who I am. Realising we are what God made us to be is very liberating.

David realised that God was not only the Creator of his body. In addition, he was the planner of his life. The Lord has a book about each of us that is like a diary. In it he has recorded beforehand all that will occur in our lives. From our perspective, we have good days, bad days, significant days, normal days. From God’s perspective, each day is as he purposed. Of course, we cannot understand how God could do this. His record is not based on the fact that he would know what we would do in the sense that he could look ahead and see our behaviour. In a mysterious way, our behaviour fits with his plan. As far as each of my days are concerned, they are made up of things I initiate and things I did not initiate. I have some control over the former and no control over the latter. But both are certain because God planned them.

As with the former section, David’s reflections in this section lead him to have confidence in God and to be amazed at the Lord’s abilities. His thoughts about David are innumerable – there is not an aspect of David’s life that God has not covered. Every second of his life and every inch he will occupy have been thought about by his God. For David, that was very precious because it told him how much his God cared about him.

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