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Monday, 2 February 2015

Psalm 139:7-12 - The God who is with me

David now tells us in the psalm that there is nowhere he can go and become separated from God. If he ascends to the stars or goes down to the grave, God is there. Even if he travels beyond where anyone has gone before, God will be there. So we can see that David is sure about the presence of God. This is a wonderful certainty to have as we make our way through life.

But we can ask David, ‘What will your God be doing for you in all those places?’ The psalmist replies by saying that his God will perform two roles. First, he will be David’s personal guide (v. 10). The examples of places that David mentions are ones that he had never been to before, which means that he would not know what to do when he arrived at any of them (similar to how we feel when we reach a destination we are unfamiliar with). Yet his God would be there to lead him on.

Second, David says that God will be his personal protector. The same hand that guides will also protect. Those unknown places for David could contain many unknown dangers, each of which would be too powerful for him. But they would not be too powerful for his God. He can easily deal with all possible enemies because he is the Almighty.

Third, the obvious conclusion that David deduces from the continuous presence of God is the complete safety that will be experienced. The most dangerous time for a person in the ancient world was the hours of darkness. But the presence of God is not diminished by the things that make us afraid. Instead the things that make us afraid should be diminished by the fact that God will be there wherever we are. 

There will be situations in life in which danger seems to be on every hand, yet the Lord will be our guide and our protector (believers can testify to numerous occasions when they have already discovered this to be the case). This means that we can say that God will be there to guide us and to keep us and bring us safely through life to the place where his presence is known in the profoundest way, in heaven.

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