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Monday, 30 March 2015

Colossians 3:1-4 – Strategy for living the Christian life

Since the believer knows details about Jesus that others cannot see, he is able to live a different way and have alternative priorities to others. This way of life Paul describes as seeking the things that are above and setting one’s mind on them rather than on the things of the earth. So the strategy for the Christian life is heavenly mindedness.

The ‘things that are above’ are contrasted with the things of earth in the following sections of Paul’s letter. They include heavenly attire (sin and holiness are likened to two different wardrobes in 3:5-14), heavenly goodwill (peace and gratitude in 3:15), heavenly praise (what we should sing and how we should sing in 3:16) and heavenly aspirations (all our actions and how we should do them). It is noteworthy the place that thanksgiving has in living the heavenly life.

We are used to going elsewhere to obtain things. The strategy for the Christian life is to go to heaven for our adornment, go to heaven for our inner experiences, go to heaven for our celebration songs, and go to heaven for our motives in performing actions. All these provisions can only come from heaven, from where Jesus is. Our strategy must be to go there continually in order to always have fresh attire, fresh peace, fresh expressions of praise, and fresh motives for Christian living.

We don’t have to travel far to work out our strategy for the Christian life, because after all we are united to Jesus in heaven. The same link that unites us to him is the conveyor belt by which they are sent to us from him. That link is the Holy Spirit, and he can convey these blessings immediately, increasingly, and endlessly.

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