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Monday, 20 April 2015

Colossians 4:5 - Walking in wisdom

If we are out walking, whether on specific tasks or in a more casual manner, it is guaranteed that we will meet a wide range of individuals. So how can we walk wisely in a spiritual sense? Here are some suggestions.

An essential feature of walking wisely is consistency. All the different individuals that we meet should see the real ‘us’ – we should not be different with one person that we are with others.

No doubt, it is also very important that we keep our eyes open when we are walking. This necessity is stressed in Paul’s phrase here, ‘making the best use of the time.’ Obviously this is a principle that should cover all the time we have. Here, with regard to those outside the church, Paul probably had in mind a sense or urgency because they are perishing, and we have to be on the lookout for opportunities.

It is also very important that we are careful in what we do and say. Our conduct and words should be marked by wisdom. Wisdom is more than knowledge – it is the ability to apply one’s knowledge correctly in each different situation.

How does one become wise? Here are five ways: (1) meditate on the Bible, (2) read biographies of spiritual Christians and note the reasons why they made choices, (3) value the opinions of others even if you disagree with them, (4) develop a humble mindset, and (5) pray for wisdom.

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