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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Acts 8:26-40 - Progress persists

What was the outcome of this unusual incident in a deserted spot when the Ethiopian treasurer found wealth that he had never held before? He now had in his heart greater riches than his queen had in her domain. In a personal sense he had discovered the pearl of great price.

Remember that Jesus had arranged the meeting, so we should expect that the effect was continued blessing for his church. And it was. Philip went in one direction and spread the faith throughout the area along the Mediterranean shoreline until he reached Caesarea where he stayed and brought up his family. The treasurer headed south and took the message of the gospel to Ethiopia. Jesus had overruled events in order for his cause to prosper.

We have to remember that, at this time, Saul of Tarsus was causing great trouble for the church. But out in the desert, as well as elsewhere, Jesus was active and Luke reminds us that nothing can hinder the progress of the cause of Christ.

Progress comes through the conversion of crowds or the conversion of an individual. The means of progress in the past are still the way by which the church develops today. This is how the church in all places will grow, by individuals getting converted or by groups of people responding at the same time to the gospel.

Just as the progress through the ministry of Philip indicated that Jesus was using him to increase the church, so progress through his witnesses reveals that he is working in our midst. And like the situation involving the Samaritans and the eunuch, there will be surprising conversions.

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