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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Acts 16:13-15 – Lydia, the church member

Quickly after her conversion Lydia made her faith in Jesus known to Paul. The consequence was that she and her household were baptised. Baptism makes a person a member of the church because it is a public declaration that he has experienced cleansing from sin (depicted in sprinkling of the water) and the renewal of the Holy Spirit (depicted in sprinkling from above).

Her baptism was followed by her dedicating her possessions to the Lord’s use, of which she had a great many. She persuaded Paul and his friends to come and stay with her, and verse 40 indicates that her home became the place where the church gathered in Philippi to begin with.

Providentially the Lord had given a prominent convert to Paul and provided him with a suitable base for establishing a church in Philippi. His strategy of waiting on God’s time, of going to those who had some knowledge of God, of expecting converts and of looking for households was beginning to reap its reward.

More were to follow in Philippi. No doubt they wondered who else would be converted, and Luke tells us of some of them. We will think about another female convert tomorrow.

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