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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Acts 16:25-40 – Witness is appropriate in all circumstances

After they were arrested, Paul and Silas could have concluded that it would be safer to keep quiet, but they did not. They could have assumed that they had made a mistake in offending the owners of the slave girl and issued a public apology, but they did not. They could have prayed for divine judgement to fall on those who had opposed them, but they did not.

Instead they carried on doing what they would have done if they had been in the home of Lydia instead of being in a dungeon. It looks as if they had learned that the next convert could come from anywhere, including a prison. Here they had a captive audience who were listening to them exalt their God and pray to him.

The remarkable thing is that they were full of joy. Years later, when the Philippian jailor and his family read Paul’s comment in his letter to the church in Philippi that they should rejoice always in the Lord they would recall the joy of Paul and Silas.

How is our witness?

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