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Friday, 9 October 2015

1 John 1:10 - Failure to confess denies the God of truth

John returns to those who do not acknowledge their sins and says that their outlook is the equivalent of calling God a liar. Failure to confess is more than a blip in a person’s life. Instead it is a human accusation against the truthfulness of God. We cannot literally turn God into a liar, but if we refuse to confess our sins we are virtually saying that God does not tell the truth about our sinful nature or about the necessity of confession of sin as the pathway of receiving forgiveness and cleansing. The fact is, there is no other way of being pardoned and purified.

We might find it difficult to believe that someone connected to the church of Christ would make such a claim. Yet we are aware that there is the idea held in some circles of sinless perfection, that it is possible for a person to become so sanctified that he no longer sins. How can a person become convinced of such an absurd notion?

Perhaps we would reply that such a person has been deceived by the devil or that he has been taught a wrong understanding of what sin is. Maybe he only focuses on outward behaviour and I suppose it is possible for a person not to say or do wrong things. The reason that John gives for developing such a wrong outlook is that the word of God is not living within the person.

There are different ways of regarding the Bible and one of them is to view it as a torch that shines brightly into the depths of our heart. The Word of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, reveals to us what sin is doing within us. We should be grateful for this divine activity and show our gratitude by immediately confessing those sins to our Father, thankful that he will forgive us because of the atoning work of his Son.

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