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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Romans 5:6 – Who needs to be justified?

Paul evidently wants his readers to grasp the details connected to justification. He has already provided some details, and he continues to give more. One of them concerns the question, ‘Who needs justification?’
The answer to this question we already know, and that is every one. But why do they need justification? Paul answers this question in two terms that he uses to describe each person – each is weak and each is ungodly.
In saying that we are weak, Paul is referring to our spiritual strength. He means that we are weak totally, that we don’t even have 1% of spiritual strength by nature. One of the saddest sights we can see is of a person who is totally paralysed, who does not have any physical strength. In the physical realm, the vast majority of people have some degree of energy, but Paul says here that in the spiritual realm no one has any power to do anything. We have not the power to serve God and we have not the power to deliver ourselves from the penalty that our sins have brought upon us.
What does Paul mean when he says that we are ungodly? He means that we are unlike God, despite the fact that we were made in the image of God. We are unlike him in all the areas of our persons in which we should be like him. In our minds, in our affections, in our choices and in our behaviour we do not resemble God. The reason for that is our sinfulness.

Justification is the necessity we must have if we are going to begin becoming godly, or like God. There is no other method. The only type of individual who will have the strength and the desire to be like God is the one who has received justification from God. And he received it when he believed in Jesus.

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