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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Romans 8:32 - What will God give us?

We see an answer to our question when Paul refers to ‘all things’ in his question: ‘How will he not also with him freely give us all things?’ What are the ‘all things’ referring to?

They could look back to the inheritance that Paul wrote about earlier in the chapter, the creation that will be liberated when Jesus returns. If that is what Paul means, then he is telling us that we should always look ahead to the glory that is to come.

It is possible that Paul has in mind by ‘all things’ the fact that God will give to each of his people everything that they will need for living for him in a sinful and dangerous world, and that there is no external power that can stop God from providing for their needs. What do we need? We need his pardon daily, we need his presence daily, we need his power daily, and we need to be reminded of his promises daily. In this regard there is a wide range of blessings covered by ‘all things’.

I see no reason why both options cannot be true. Paul draws our attention to how God provides those blessings when saying that they are given freely or graciously. God does not give them reluctantly or haphazardly. Instead he ensures that they will all be given. We are reminded here of the incredible faithfulness of God. Because Jesus paid the penalty for our sins according to the will of the Father we will receive everything they planned to give us in this life and in the eternity to come.

What should our response be? We should reflect often on the faithfulness of God. He will always provide what we need.

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