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Monday, 29 February 2016

Romans 8:33-34 – Knowing Heaven’s Care

Paul is reminding his readers about some of the blessings that are certain and sure and about which Christians need to think about in order to enjoy spiritual comfort. He uses the method of question and answer and such a method would have been a very helpful one for them to use themselves when thinking about biblical doctrines. The doctrines that he mentions in verses 33 and 34 are familiar ones.

First, we should think about the God who justifies his people (v. 33). We became right with him when we believed in Jesus and were forgiven all our sins as well as being clothed with the righteousness of Christ. God was pleased to do this for us.

Second, we should think about Jesus (v. 34). Paul here focuses on the priestly office of Jesus and mentions his sacrificial death and his heavenly intercession. Why did Jesus die on the cross? He died to pay the penalty for our sins. Why was he raised from the dead? It is the proof that his work on the cross was sufficient to deal with our sins. Having been raised, he then ascended to heaven, to God’s throne. What does he do there? Paul reminds his readers that Jesus is interceding for them. This does not mean that he is begging his Father to bless us. Instead, he can claim for us the blessings he purchased for us by his death.

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