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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Romans 16:20 – The grace of Jesus

Jesus wants each of his people to know him intimately and the only way that they can know him is through his grace. We know that the subject of his grace is vast and we need to break it down into different areas. Yet as we break it down, we must remind ourselves that doing so enables us to know Jesus more deeply than previously.
One way to look at his grace is to remind ourselves that it is purchased grace. It is important for us to remind ourselves that the giving of grace is not uncertain. I may know a person who can help me, but that is not the same as knowing that he will help me. How do I know that Jesus will give grace to each of his people? Because he purchased it for them. We know that he commenced showing grace to them before they thought of asking him about it when he started the process of bringing them to himself through the gospel.
Another way to look at the grace of Jesus is to remind ourselves that it is plentiful grace. It is plentiful in degree as well as in extent. Without looking at particular aspects at the moment, we can see that his grace covers all areas of spiritual needs of every believer and lasts throughout that person’s life on earth. How many are experiencing his grace at the moment throughout the world? I suppose each of us could create easily a list of ways in which the grace of Jesus has been given to us. Because it is plentiful, it means that we do not have to worry that somehow it will run out. Jesus is always full of grace.

At the same time, we have to remember that it is personal grace in the sense that Jesus ensures that each of his people receives the particular grace that they need at any given time. This is a reminder of his awareness of and interest in his people. No doubt, they pray for grace often and may have a particular kind in mind. Yet the Saviour knows exactly the kind of grace that they will require and he provides it for them in their own personal way.

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