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Friday, 15 July 2016

Peter’s conversion – The role of Andrew (John 1:33-42)

Andrew, of course, was to have a more definite role than John the Baptist as far as Peter was concerned in his coming to meet with Jesus. In addition to implementing John’s hint that he should follow Jesus, Andrew had the privilege of spending time with Jesus personally. How did Andrew manage to spend time with Jesus?

First, Andrew and his friend decided to put themselves close to Jesus. This was a fairly basis requirement, but what would have happened if they had not done so? On this simple action, from a human point of view, depended subsequent blessings in the life of Peter on the following day. How do we put ourselves near to Jesus? By reading the Bible is one way.

Second, their decision to put themselves near to Jesus resulted in Jesus speaking to them and asking him what they wanted. And we can say that something similar happens to us when we put ourselves close to Jesus in his Word. He will begin to speak to us through it. We should note the question that Jesus asked them, ‘What are you seeking?’ It was a testing question because it forced them to state their priorities. Sometimes the Bible does that to us when we read it.

Third, Jesus was delighted to answer their request to spend some time with him in a more private manner. The conversation was taking place about 4pm, which was a couple of hours before sunset. He took them to wherever he was staying, and we can only imagine the conversation that took place. But we can suspect that they would have spoken about Jesus as the Lamb of God. It would be correct to assume that they would not be talking about the future prospects of Andrew’s fishing business.

The outcome of the time spent with Jesus was that they were enthralled by him. We can see that was the case from the way that Andrew went and found his brother and told him about Jesus. It may have been the case that Andrew knew about Simon’s spiritual interests and went to share with him what he would have wanted to hear.

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