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Monday, 22 August 2016

A homely strategy (Mark 2:13-17)

Mark then describes what Levi did as a disciple. He opened his home for Jesus to use and he invited his colleagues and others to meet with Jesus. What can we say about his home?

First, it was a home in Capernaum, the town to which Jesus had moved to after leaving Nazareth. Jesus already had a home there (Mark 2:1), and he also had access to other homes such as the home of Simon Peter. And it looks as if part of the strategy of Jesus was to use homes of willing people.

Second, it was a suitable home in Capernaum because it was capable of hosting large numbers of people. Perhaps Levi lived in an upmarket part of town in contrast with where Peter and even Jesus lived. What is clear is that the house of Levi was capable of hosting a lot of people – many of Levi’s friends were there as well as many of Jesus’ disciples.

Third, it was now a sanctified home because he made it available for Jesus to use in furthering his influence. The obvious aspect of the gathering was that Jesus was not ashamed to go to Levi’s home, despite the nature of the guests. It is evident from the response of the scribes and Pharisees that they regarded with disapproval his willingness to be there. Of course, they had never given anything to Jesus for him to use. But if we are disciples of Jesus, then all we have must be at his disposal.

Fourth, his home now reflected the simplicity of discipleship, which was to have fellowship with Jesus and to introduce others to him. We talk a lot about how to win people to Jesus. This passage gives a straightforward strategy, which is use your home and invite people you know to discover something about Jesus.  

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