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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Heavenly Glory (Rev. 3:12-13)

Several times in this promise to the overcomer, Jesus refers to ‘my God’. He is speaking of the Father, but is describing the relationship he has with his Father – Jesus is the mediator, the Father’s servant. We can see his activities in this connection described in Isaiah 53, where the prophet mentions both the sufferings of Christ and the glories that would follow. As the servant of the Father, he has the role of outworking the divine plan and some of its details are mentioned in the promises here. 
Jesus says that he will do two things for those who overcome. One is that he will make them pillars in God’s temple and the other is that he will write three names on each of his people. Probably, the idea behind a pillar is stability and the idea behind the writing of names is security. In both cases, the outcome is eternal. 
The temple of God is another way of describing the new heavens and new earth. Calling it a temple reminds us that one of the main activities of the eternal state, as well as being one of the main expressions of eternal life, is worship, with the leader of the endless praise being Jesus himself. Each of his people will continue as a devout and enthusiastic worshipper for ever. 
It is possible that there is a connection between the pillar and the writing, with the names being written on the pillar so that others can read them. This was a common use of pillars in ancient times. Writing a name on something indicated ownership and here the three names are Father, new Jerusalem and Lord (Jesus was given this title in a new way at his ascension, as Paul says in Philippians 2:6-11). So the names say that each true believer will be a son of the Father, a resident of the eternal city, and a subject of the sovereign Saviour, and all of them for ever.  

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