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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Jesus exhorts the church (Rev. 3:9-11)

Jesus had reminded his people in Philadelphia that he would  yet reverse the situation of insignificance that they currently had. When that reversal will take place, on the great future day of judgement, the opponents of the church will recognise that Jesus loved his people. The recognition will include different ways in which he loved them. His love for them was eternal, it led him to become a man and go to the cross to pay the penalty for their sins, and it caused him to look after them in numerous ways since they became his disciples. On that day, those who despised believers will discover and see the greatness of Christ’s love for his people.
Jesus, who has the key of authority (as he mentioned in verse 6), then informs the church in Philadelphia that he would protect them during a looming worldwide crisis. He does not say what the crisis would be. Perhaps there would be political turmoil, with its dangerous consequences. Whatever it was, Jesus promised his people in that city that they would be safe. Here we have a reminder that sometimes Jesus prevents trouble for his church whereas he allows it elsewhere, as he did with the church in Smyrna. 
Instead of being concerned about worldwide events, they are told by Jesus to remember his second coming. What is the proper response to the fact that Jesus is coming again? It is not to speculate about it. Instead it is to serve him faithfully Day by day knowing that he always has the key of authority.
Who is the one trying to seize their crown, that Jesus warns them about? It cannot be Jesus because he wants to give it to them. It is not likely to be another believer. Instead, it is the enemy, those encouraged by the devil. The point is that a good church can become a useless one if it loses hold of its priorities and allows the enemy to affect their commitment to Jesus. Jesus did not want that to happen to the church in Philadelphia. 

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