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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Jesus is worshipped (Rev. 5:8-14)

The remaining verses of the chapter describe the response of the onlookers to the reception of the scroll by Jesus. Now the same honour that was given to the Father in chapter 4 is given to Jesus in chapter 5. He becomes the object of praise of the heavenly host.

The song of the elders focuses on the worldwide ingathering of the people of God and of the great blessing they are going to receive as rulers of the future world. The song of the angelic masses rank concerns the slain Saviour being accorded divine honour. The song of creation focuses on both the Father and the Lamb, and the fact that they will reign for ever.

This vision is a reminder that the One in charge of the universe is Jesus. He has been given the place of highest honour. To know that Jesus the man who once walked through this world, is on the throne is a comfort and a challenge. It is a comfort because he knows what it is like to live in difficult situations and can sympathise and provide help and assurance. It is a challenge to us to submit to the One who went to the cross on behalf of sinners, and has now been exalted to gather in sinners into his kingdom.

This knowledge is a source of great confidence. The early church in all its weakness would survive because Jesus was on the throne. (The troubles that we face at present will be overcome because Jesus is on the throne.) Jesus will conquer the nations is the message of this vision.

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