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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Four applications (Rev. 14:6-20)

Take a look from above on what is happening below. This is the message of the three angelic announcements. We should ask, what is most important now and what will be most important on the Day of Judgement? Will it be the gospel or will it be the city of man with all its failures or will it be the opinions of the political and religious leaders? A look from above will reveal to us that the gospel is the only one of the three that is truly important.

There is only one safe city. People come into cities for security. They did that in the ancient world because they assumed that the city walls would keep them safe from attackers. Millions have placed their hopes in the abilities of Babylon and all of them will be disappointed. In contrast, those in the city of God will be safe and satisfied for ever.

Troubles are never a reason for quitting. The temptation to do so is always there. But we should endure. Endurance is basically taking one step after another. There is no other way but to persevere. A hundred years from now, we will be in the eternal world. Therefore, persevere in serving God and depending on Jesus.

Jesus will yet judge the world. We must remember this. He spoke about it often when he was here. His apostles and others preached about it in the Book of Acts. This is part of his exaltation, to be the Judge of all at the end of the day. How significant Jesus is!

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